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Walk-In Tubs

Is your family scared that one day you could slip and fall in the bathtub? 

You may understand the risk, but find there is so much more to your bath than just bathing! A bathtub is a quiet, relaxing place where you can be alone, and no one will bother you. It's also a place to relax aching muscles and lose the tension of the day. To lose such a serene and calming environment because of loss of mobility or differing abilities is a stressful situation. If your bathtub is your happy place, and it has become problematic to access it, don't hesitate to call Royal Plumbing! We perform walk in tub installation anywhere in the state of Iowa, and will swap out your standard tub for a convenient Walk-In Tub in your Des Moines home. Call 515-994-9170 today for a free, no-hassle consultation.

Computer generated image of a bathroom with a walk-in tub and pedestal sink. Computer generated image of a bathroom with a walk-in tub and pedestal sink. Computer generated image of a bathroom with a walk-in tub and pedestal sink.

Royal Plumbing puts the customer first--from the beginning to the end of the project.

We promise to remain professional, patient, and persistent. We understand that it can be difficult making such a big decision, and that's why we will do our part to make this the most affordable and effortless bathroom remodeling upgrade in your Prairie City area home we possibly can. We want you and your family safe and happy with your walk-in tub.

Our walk in tub installers are:

  • Fast
  • Courteous
  • Friendly
  • Always put the customer first

Royal Plumbing has a fantastic selection, fantastic crew, and most importantly, fantastic customers. Getting out of your bathtub can be a struggle, and we at Royal Plumbing know how to put an end to all of the anguish that your conventional bathtub is putting you through. There is no doubt that our walk in tubs can improve both your bathing experience, and your life. If someone ever suggested that you should stop bathing, scratch that idea right now. You can continue to enjoy your bath as frequently as before, with none of the struggle or pain. We will improve your quality of life immensely, with this one, simple purchase.

Get a Royal Plumbing Walk-In Tub Today!

Our Walk In tubs are crafted to put your safety first. You don't need to worry as much about falling, tripping, slipping, or other potential harms in the bathtub.The patented no-leak, low-threshold door, slip-resistant floors, and stable seating area make our walk-in tubs a safe bathing option.  Additional features can be purchased, such as safety grab bars and hand held shower heads, to reassure you, your family, or your caregivers that you have the proper safety precautions before bathing. Leave your worries at the door, because you can have complete faith that your Walk-In Tub bathroom remodeling will be safe, reliable, dependable, and practical.Contact Royal Plumbing for more information now!

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