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Walk-In Showers

Photo of a walk-in shower with a flat bottom (no lip) and brown tile and a corner shelving unit, Safety bar on the edge.Walk-In Showers Are Accessible, Attractive, and Affordable

Have you ever thought about getting a walk-in tub? Many people think about the idea because it would be much easier for them to navigate, much more comfortable, and much safer in many instances. Whether you have accessibility needs or you would just like a safer option for getting in and out of the tub, a walk-in tub can be a wonderful option for many people. However, something that stops most people is that they think it will cost them an arm and a leg to install a new walk-in tub. This does not have to be the case! 

walk in shower graphic

Update your bathroom with a Royal Plumbing walk in shower installation!

If you have a bathtub that you are unhappy with, it may be time to make the switch to a shower! Our walk in shower installers can place your new shower into any tub space, and will provide a top of the line replacement that will be sure to meet your accessibility and beauty standards. Our showers can be installed easily, and they will not break the bank at our affordable cost. We will work with your unique bathroom space to create a beautiful walk-in shower for you and your family. 

Do you feel that you have to swing your leg over the side of your tub? Like you can barely make it because the wall is way too high?

If you have mobility issues that make using a bathtub difficult, want something that looks fresh for a bathroom remodel, or need the flexibility to either shower or bathe (like with small children), our showers give you the options that you have been looking for. Everyone deserves the right to a shower, and we are committed to providing a great experience for people of all abilities. If you are interested, call us to get a free estimate! Our walk-In shower installers can install your shower anywhere in the state of Iowa.

Converting your existing tub into a walk-in shower through walk in shower installation:

  • Provides a safe bathroom 
  • Flexability of either showering or bathing if you add it to your current bathroom without replacing your bathtub
  • Helps with mobililty issues a bathtub may present


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