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Tub Cutouts

We convert your existing bathtub to a safer, more accessible option.

If you like your bathtub, do not need a new one, or cannot afford a new tub at the moment, a cutout may be right for you! Don't settle for keeping a tub that is making your life hard to navigate. Don't settle for a tub which can be dangerous and hard to use for caregivers. Do you have a caregiver who has trouble bathing you? Are you taking care of aging parents or elderly loved ones? Give them the safest way to bathe or shower. 

Computer generated image of a tub cut-out with white tile and a white bathtub.

How Does a Tub Cut-Out Work?

If you have an existing tub in your bathroom, but would like the accessibility and functionality of a walk in tub, we offer tub cut-outs, an affordable and effective way of increasing the safety of your tub without going for the full walk-in tub.  Our tub cut-outs reduce the side wall of your tub by approximately 8 inches, and are available in a variety of sizes to accomodate any tub.They are great for showering in a combination tub and shower. They make it easier to step over the wall.

Benefits of Tub Cut-Outs Image of a tub cut-out cover.

Our walk in tub caps, used in conjunction with a tub cut-out, provide a fully functioning bathtub and allow caregivers easier access to their patients. They are also removable and take up very little space to allow for easy installation as well as storage. Give us a call for a free consultation today!

  • Easier to step into the tub, an 8" reduction in the wall 
  • Almost 2' of flat area to step through
  • Can be positioned left, right, or center
  • Makes using a bench seat easier
  • Easy access for caregivers

We are happy to install tub cut-outs anywhere in the state of Iowa. Call 515-994-9170 or email us at with any other questions or concerns you may have.

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